Apartment guide: What to save on, what not to save on?

Rule number 1: never skimp on a good architect, designer, or good craftsmen. And I’m not saying this because my husband is an architect and a lot of my friends are designers and builders. No, but saving on people is the dumbest saving. If you have chosen the right people, they will save you money with their advice, experience and knowledge, not to mention the time and nerves spent.

And that’s why the first thing a good architect can help you with is to organize the space well and not pay for “unnecessary squares” – that is, long corridors, huge cubes of concrete and excavation if not needed, unnecessary double work “

This usually means making a quality cost estimate that includes absolutely all costs and having an idea of ​​how to correct the project if everything turns out to be too expensive. Trust the process. Paper suffers everything. Construction site no.

Namely, at the moment when the construction site starts, there will be a hundred questions and potential problems. When you are alone in this process, sometimes out of ignorance, speed or stress a person knows how to make a hasty and wrong decision.

That is why you should always have quality and honest people on your side, masters who know their job and have experience. It may be a bit more expensive in the beginning, but in the end it pays off.

Apartments are actually apartments, but they still have slightly different rules than classic apartments. In apartments where you will live and stay permanently, it is very important to make everything that is built-in and that will be used often. In fact, the apartment has the same rule, only the same things in the apartment and the apartment are not used to the same extent.

For example, you will use the kitchen in the apartment safely every day. Every day you will at least heat the milk in the morning, cook something in the afternoon or evening… You will surely open the fridge, cupboards, elements at least 10 times a day, and you will probably spend a lot of time on your couch, in the armchair, in front of the TV…

You will not do all this in the apartment. No one really stayed in a classic four-person apartment to do feasts and cook, nor did they sit and watch TV.

It is very likely that guests in the apartment will eat only breakfast or possibly cook their own pasta. Therefore, what in the apartment should be very high quality, long-lasting, durable and expensive – in the apartment does not have to. The kitchen can really be simple and made of cheaper materials – chipboard with a classic worktop.

Same thing with white goods and the couch. Guests will not be impressed by the expensive steam oven, island hood and expensive dishwasher. Appliances are free to be very basic, as can televisions.

Our little advice is to choose devices from well-known brands, but simpler and cheaper series.

In the apartment you really need a durable and quality sofa, while in the apartment it is important that it looks attractive and that it is easy to clean and maintain. Surely few guests will spend the night on the couch watching TV, but it will be important to him that the bed is really comfortable.

When it comes to bed, never skimp on comfort. No, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive bed, but be sure to make it robust, durable, comfortable, and a few thousand kuna more will pay off very quickly when praise begins to arrive from your guests for your comfortable bed.

What else is important to the guest?

That everything looks clean, tidy and new.

Most will not notice at all whether a piece of furniture is designer, original or copy, whether it is made in China or handmade, whether the door is with thick or thin profiles… but will notice if something is old, worn out, dirty, cracked.

So, replace all such worn-out ones immediately.

And no, it really doesn’t have to be expensive security doors, expensive elegant windows and frames, or expensive designer chests of drawers and dishes…

The most important thing is that it is clean, new and harmonized – whatever style you choose, stick to it to the end.

If you have chosen a country style, then let both the plates and beštek be in that style, and if you are industrial then stick to that moodboard of yours.

So don’t spend a lot of money on anything that is expendable and temporary, but rather invest a little more in lighting with pleasant light and on pieces of furniture that are visible and will be used frequently.

Save on big things and large amounts – this is one of the most important tips we can give you to rationalize costs.

Do some tiles cost 120, 180 or 260 kuna, it doesn’t seem to be a difference, but now multiply all that by 100 or 300… Understand what I’m talking about? The same thing is with parquet, deckng, microcement… everything has a lot.

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