Chrome has surpassed 70 percent of its Internet browser market share

Chrome managed to surpass 70 percent of the share in the web browser market and thus break the record from last month, when it came to 69.2 percent.

At the same time, the Internet browser first recorded a market share of more than 68 percent just two months ago, which means that the current crisis has helped Chrome break “personal” records and gain more users, reveals Netmarketshare in its report.

Also, Microsoft’s Edge is in second place for the third month in a row and now has a significant 8.07 percent share of the world market. At the same time, Internet Explorer is at 5.06 percent and combined Microsoft has a 13.3 percent share with it. Modest for the former situation, but great for the one we have witnessed in recent years.

It obviously paid off that Microsoft decided to switch to Chromium for the Edge on January 15 this year. Then the transition began and the “traditional” Edge and its EdgeHTML, created by Microsoft, replaced the Chromium based Edge and page rendering fell “on its back”.

What has changed? Well, the new logo caught my eye, which is no longer completely blue, but has lighter shades, but also quite green. Furthermore, the user interface of the browser has changed, as has its functionality. It is reminiscent of Chrome and Firefox, which is completely logical considering Chromium.

Safari, on the other hand, is at 4.1 percent and is fifth in the world in terms of market share, and Opera is sixth with its 1.1 percent, which it has sovereignly kept all these months. The positive story is again Firefox with its 7.58 percent share.

Therefore, the real story is the battle of Mozilla and Microsoft, in which Mozilla is left to try a few more tricks to rise above the increasingly powerful Edge. It won’t be easy, but also, few can say that Firefox isn’t a top-notch browser. It’s just neglected. But few can say that the Edge is not top notch …

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