CREATIVE, SIMPLE AND CHEAP: Get inspired by these home decorating ideas

Changing the look of the living space will have a good effect on us and your family. Even with a few small changes in the home, your whole living environment will look different.
Start your creativity and ambitions a little and you will realize that decorating your home does not require a lot of money but only a little time and will.

Colors, colors, colors
If your apartment does not have high ceilings and large rooms, do not despair. The colors on the walls as well as the colors of the furniture are the first ones you will need to change to visually create more space. The ideal colors for creating a large space that give the impression of spaciousness are cool colors, blue, white, some shades of green, purple. Cold colors are unobtrusive and therefore we use them to ‘expand the room’ rather than warm colors. Dark colors work hard so they can push us away, while light ones are lighter so they lift us up. If you are not for intense colors, in the latest design trends, gray has replaced beige when it comes to interior design. Gray has become a fundamental neutral color in the space. All shades are acceptable from darker and dramatic to lighter and airy.

You can also give a dose of modernity and liveliness when decorating your home by painting only one of the walls. Let that color be bright and intense and let it stand out from other details in the apartment. Don’t forget that you can also paint the ceiling in a room or balcony in a bright color.

When decorating your home, don’t forget about the colors on the details – curtains, pillows, chairs, clocks, chandeliers, stairs or carpets. Conventional ideas that everything should be in the same tone are outdated, and the colors in the apartment will affect your better mood.

Ideas for refreshing the space
Break the monotony of an ordinary side table with a new design and materials. A table made of wooden boards or pallets is very easy to make, and you can also paint it in any color you want. If the table is wooden, put gold or metal details on it – this will achieve a combination of traditional and modern and immediately enliven the space.

You can put an interesting decorative pillowcase in a print or bright color on your ordinary sofa. Using a new print or different pillow sizes will also make your stay look fresh and modern. If you do not have decorative pillows in the living room, invest in a few pieces.

Another simple trick to decorating a home are curtains. You can refresh your living room, kitchen and other rooms with interesting curtains. If the walls or tiles in your kitchen are darker in color, take advantage of that contrast and set up bright and vibrant curtains. In addition, hang them as close to the ceiling as possible, which will give the impression of fullness.

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