Some women are simply lucky to have naturally long and thick lashes, while others are doomed to alternative methods of achieving such a look so they use artificial lashes, layers and layers of mascara, extensions and all other possible ways to make their lashes at least seemingly longer and more voluminous. If you thought you couldn’t do anything about the natural length and volume of your lashes or were wondering how to nurture them to make them exactly the way you want them, we’re glad we can tell you that you really can. There are natural ways to care for lashes that will help you achieve greater density and length of lashes, for that seductive look that we all strive for. These ways include some ingredients from your kitchen, and below you can see why your lashes fall out and what it would be advisable to do and avoid to make them, and others, lush.

Short and thin lashes can be the result of genetic factors, but there are a number of reasons that cause them to fall out. These include stress, hormonal imbalance, dryness and aging. Eyelash loss can also be caused by using low-quality make-up products or those that have expired. Also, rough rubbing or removing makeup and various eating habits can affect their increased hair loss. On the other hand, thinning eyelashes can be the result of poor hygiene, various health conditions and the like. Whatever the reason, you can rely on the healing ingredients of these products that you certainly have at home, to renew your lashes.

We know you’ve probably already heard all about this magical ingredient because castor oil is definitely no stranger to the world of beauty. From treating sun and wrinkle burns to preventing dandruff, this elixir of beauty is believed by many and used in their daily skin and hair care regimen. That, of course, is not in vain. Its healing properties really work. One of its many benefits is that it does an amazing job when it comes to hair growth. It is one of the ingredients that can help you improve your hair growth the fastest. It can give you results five times faster than any other ingredient.

Applying castor oil to your lashes daily will give you thicker lashes and prevent them from falling out. Mix a few drops of castor oil with coconut oil and gently apply it on the lashes with the help of ear sticks. Do this every night before going to bed, and gently rinse it with warm water in the morning. Naturally long and thick lashes are really not difficult to achieve with this beneficial ingredient.

Due to its health and beauty benefits, green tea is another wonderful ingredient for us. Drinking and topical application of green tea has proven to be an effective way to stimulate hair growth and improve its health. The flavonoids and polyphenols present in green tea improve the length and volume of the lashes. Regular drinking of green tea or its direct application on the lashes significantly improves their growth. Put a bag of green tea on the eyelids to have more lush lashes and, at the same time, soothe your tired eyes.



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