Every room needs a focal point

While it’s really fun to watch salon offerings that are packed with brand new modern furniture, don’t get carried away and buy everything at once, in the same place. This results in buying everything that matches, and that results in a home that has no character. You add character slowly, over time. This can take years before your home is fully completed. The character is built by adding that unusual chair you found at the flea market or the amazing image sold by a street vendor. Slowly, over time you will find the things you love and build the character of your home.

Every room needs a focal point because it assigns a function to the room. Larger rooms can have multiple focal points. Some rooms are simple. For example, in the living room, the focus is most often the TV and the furniture on which it is placed, while all other major objects such as sofas, chairs and armchairs are directed towards it. Other rooms can be a little more complicated, like hallways or dining rooms. Don’t just scatter furniture around the room without some special layout. First find the focal point or purpose of the room, and then place the furniture around that focal point. For example a fireplace, a large painting or even a coffee table that encourages guests to sit and talk can be desirable hotspots.

We all have furniture that we inherited. Some pieces we really love, while others we keep only out of a sense of obligation. Do you have one of these items in your home? You know, that piece you don’t really like and want to hide in the basement, but you can’t because it was a gift from your grandmother. Why would you have something in your home that does not bring you joy and happiness? We suggest you find a new purpose for all those antiques that are not your favorite. You can paint them with some color, pass them on to another relative, or just allow yourself to sell them and buy something else that you will like. Free yourself and bring into your home only those things that make you happy.

Your home should reflect your personality like a personal diary of your travels, your loves, your life. There’s nothing worse than entering someone’s home where you’ll be greeted by beige walls, brown furniture and one mass-produced photo with no personality on the wall pretending to be art. It’s not you. It’s more like one of those apartments you rent during your vacation. Therefore, do not slow down when it comes to decorating your home. Bring into it all those things you love. This will make your home a unique oasis that is there for you at the end of a busy day, and will tell your visitors an intriguing story.

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