Olive oil is another very effective solution to defy gravity

Olive oil is another very effective solution to defy gravity with its lush lashes. It is full of essential fatty acids that work to promote hair growth and prevent eyelash loss. Not only can it make your skin flawlessly beautiful but it can also provide you with long lashes. Dip an ear stick in extra virgin olive oil and apply it on your lashes. This will keep your eyelids hydrated and your eyelash follicles strengthened.

Vaseline hydrates the root of the lashes, which contributes to their rapid growth. Also, applying Vaseline to the eyelids keeps the entire area around the lashes hydrated and soft, which helps overall health. Take a clean mascara brush and apply a little Vaseline. Apply it daily along the upper and lower lashes for best results. You can also apply Vaseline before applying your favorite mascara to prevent the lashes from becoming dry and brittle.

Another effective method for strengthening lashes is vitamin E oil. Celebs like the Kardashian sisters have admitted to using this ingredient to encourage thicker eyebrow growth and have long and thick lashes. You can achieve the best results by gently massaging your eyes with this oil. Just break the vitamin E capsule and take out the oil and gently massage it into the eyelids with your fingertips for five to 10 minutes. Or use a clean mascara brush to apply the oil along the lashes. This treatment helps with blood circulation and thus improves their growth and makes them longer and denser.


While removing makeup, be extremely gentle around the lashes. Instead of rubbing your eyes with makeup remover, tap lightly to remove make up. Strong rubbing of the eye is the main cause of eyelash loss. Also, never go to bed without removing makeup as it harms you in a number of ways. In addition to causing dark circles around the eyes, acne and other skin problems, it can also make your lashes weak and brittle.

When it comes to cosmetics, you should never take a risk. Always use trusted brand mascara and use it while it is in good condition. Using expired mascara will affect the health of your lashes and make them prone to falling out. Also, be very careful while using eyelash tools like curlers or false eyelashes. Avoid using curlers after applying mascara, as they are then more susceptible to damage. On the other hand, if you are a big fan of artificial eyelashes, be gentle during their removal and use an adhesive remover, as it will otherwise dry out the lashes.

To keep your lashes lush, include foods rich in ingredients that stimulate hair growth such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin B5, iron and beta carotene in your diet. These include garlic, fish and green leafy vegetables. They are proven to stimulate growth.

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