Simple ideas for a healthier lifestyle

What is a lifestyle? According to a study at the University of Michigan, a healthy lifestyle consists of four basic criteria, maintaining weight, eating right, exercising and giving up cigarettes. It is devastating that, out of 153,000 respondents, only three percent adhered to these criteria

Most adults, despite perhaps justified excuses, live unhealthy lives. Whether they can’t give up cigarettes, neglect exercise or eat unhealthily. It is true that everyone lacks the time, the organization, and even the will to change. This is a reality and many find it difficult to change it. To help you live a healthier life, we’ve put together a list of things you can do for yourself. Some will help your blood circulate faster, some will relieve you of tension, others will bring you long-term health, save nerves and time.

Here are some flash ideas that can improve the quality of your life

Brush your teeth.
Keep yourself upright.
Get up and stretch.
Eat an apple.
Send a friendly email to a loved one.
Pay your bills online.
Open the window and ventilate the room.
Leave a couple of kunas in a piggy bank every day.
Thank the dear person who deserves it.
Call your mother and talk.
Look for a healthy recipe and make a good lunch.
Invite a friend over for a healthy dinner.

Wash your hands. Put hand cream.
Put on make-up.
Get up ten minutes earlier than usual.
Check your blood pressure.
Run in place for nine minutes.

Clean the table and throw away all the ballpoint pens that don’t work.
Go shopping with a canvas bag.
Leave the remote on and get off the couch to change the program.
Hug your children.

Put car keys and front door in the same place every day.
Instead of another cup of coffee, drink a cup of green tea.
Take a break of ten minutes.
Refresh yourself with peppermint.
Take a short walk.
Skip the evening out to the store.
Make ten sit-ups during commercials.

These little things you can do for yourself don’t require a lot of effort and don’t require a lot of time, and they can brighten your day. To be even more successful, add your healthy habits to this list and try to stick to them. You will soon feel the positive changes.

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