Small apartments – a guide to buying furniture

Every inch counts, so use the height as much as you can. If possible, make a gallery for sleeping above the kitchen or living room, and if that is not possible, let all the furniture go up in height in order to free the floor as much as possible. All fixed furniture works to measure – because don’t forget: small apartments are really small and those 10-20-30 centimeters will be important to you…

This is what most guides for furnishing small apartments sound like. A couple of phrases are always repeated with the inevitable apsostrophizing “every inch is important and custom-made furniture”.
Okay, but a sofa, a table, chairs, a bed few people make to measure, right?

That is why we have prepared tips and school rules that will help you choose furniture for small apartments:

The first rule – invest in a quality sofa bed. Most people in small apartments also use their living rooms for sleeping. Even if there is a separate room, it is convenient to have an extra bed if one of your friends, relatives sleeps or for some situations when one of the family members is ill. For all these situations it is good to have a sofa that can be turned into a comfortable bed.

An additional rule is – be prepared for unexpected situations, so it is best to buy furniture that is transformable for small spaces.

What does that actually mean?
I think after this video from Feydon everything is clear. Namely, this Macedonian company has won numerous international awards for design and innovation precisely because they intelligently solve all the challenges of transformation – what when you want to sleep on the couch, when you want to read comfortably, when great company comes, when you want to sit back…

Feydom has just recently won the German Design Awards for 2020 for its modular Clooods system, in Croatia they are sold in all Meblo Trade centers, and the prices are really affordable. Much cheaper than similar Western European modular systems.

Okay, what about the coffee table?

In small apartments it is best to choose light things that are easy to move and move. Therefore, instead of a large coffee table, it is much more practical to take two or three smaller ones, which you can easily move. Especially convenient are those that fit into each other so that they do not take up much space, and you can also use them as nightstands, and arrange them into a larger whole only when needed.

Definitely small and light – which does not take up much space. Armchairs that have a mechanism for turning them into beds are convenient, but they are usually large and heavy. Consider whether you need that extra bed or maybe it’s better to choose a sofa bed after all.

It is equally very important to think about polyfunctionality. Maybe a comfortable upholstered dining chair can be that armchair, and maybe it can also be used in a work corner.

Less is more. Rather, buy two comfortable chairs and a pair of extra hooks that you can stack on top of each other and use for many different purposes, than to fill the space with chairs, armchairs and enslave the classic divisions – living room, dining room, kitchen…


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