Spring cleaning – Kitchen. How do you make it easier?

I am slightly obsessed with organization. Maybe because I’m a latent control freak, and maybe because I don’t have time for important things, and especially not for unimportant things. I count generals among those irrelevant ones. I don’t have time for big general cleaning of the apartment when I can afford to move all things, reorganize, throw away, clean all day, two, three. And so a couple of times a year. I had to get organized and learn to put things back in place. But which place is ideal is the question?

Some people like organization by color, some by purpose, some by shape, some have their own logic that combines all of the above. And that’s why I don’t mean to mess with your kitchen and tell you what and how you should, which is better than anything else. Just read how all my various friends, colleagues, readers organize their kitchens, maybe you can get some useful idea.

– It is best to use the height of the space, so the best option is that the kitchen is made to measure, from wall to wall and cabinets to the ceiling. If this is not an option for you, leave that space blank. Don’t push up the “printer boxes” in the hopes that they won’t be seen. It will be seen. Always. – Yes.

– Open shelves always look messy. I know that they are cool and everything, you will make your life easier if you have as many closed elements in the kitchen as possible, and those that are open are purely decorative. But so design them nicely. Let them really be an ornament. – Zrinka.

– Pull-out systems and kitchen accessories can be very expensive, but also a great way to achieve good organization of space. This is very important especially in small kitchens. So, on these things either do not skimp or steal a few good ideas – Ana.

– If you have deep drawers in them, it is convenient to keep pots and lids stacked together. Another variant of the organization of pots and lids is that the pans and pots are arranged in width and size and that they fit into each other. You can also keep the lids on the door (there are special holders for that) or buy a grill that looks like the one in the dishwasher. – Yes.

– Keep plastic containers separate from their lids. This will save you dramatic space. The principle of the puzzle into each other, apply wherever you can. – Sandra.

– It is convenient when the food storage containers are transparent or at least with a transparent stopper, so you always know what is in them – Ana.

– How to store food that is open? In addition to containers, plastic bags with a plastic cap are a great solution. There are us, m, li xl sizes and they are ingenious because you can easily store open oatmeal, chips, crackers, flour, polenta, rice in them… Every day I am surprised how many open and tasty foods and snacks we have in the house, but I guess that’s so when you are a compliant parent who allows you to eat a few biscuits, figs, apple chips before dinner… – Bob.

– Marking is an important element, especially when all your dishes are the same. You don’t always have to write: sugar, coffee, flour… draw a label you can understand on the bowls or buy interesting stickers with icons. Another option is to buy different dishes, and for some to be transparent – Sandra.

– Pull-out containers are also convenient, they do not have a classic lid and they act like drawers. They are practical for sorting food and garbage. – Kristina.

– Boxes, grilles, organizers, can be beautiful and interesting and look very decorative. It pays to invest a little money in order and aesthetics – Ana.

“Show me those beautiful dishes you’re jealously guarding.” Arrange it by color and let it become a decorative element in the space. Everything that does not fit you aesthetically, store it in closed closets. – Boba.

– Where with the nylon bags? Don’t buy them and then you don’t have to worry. Use canvas bags, strollers, baskets… Less plastic anyway. – Boba.

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