As colors and fabrics are used to create striking interior designs, many experts are devoting themselves to a number of new trends in an effort to develop captivating fragrances for your home. Creative aromas enrich homes and create an atmosphere that will leave an impression on everyone who steps into it. Improve the level of relaxation in your home by adding fresh aromatic scents. Versatile and soothing scents change the way your space affects you. Make coming home a highlight every day with Durance scented products for the home. From the soothing scents of lavender to the scents of flowers that make you feel comfortable, in their offer you can find a large selection of high quality products.

The Durance brand was born back in 1986, as Le Lavandin de Grignan, in the French town of Grignan. Husband and wife Olivier and Elisabeth Ruth, were great lovers of nature, and inspired by the trademark of their region – lavender, they were engaged in the production of lavender oil. Little by little, production grew and grew into a story that increasingly crossed the borders of Provence, and then France. But even today, Durance, as a world-famous brand, nurtures the values ​​on which it was created. Grignan, a small town of rich historical heritage in the heart of Provence, surrounded by centuries-old olive and lavender fields, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Durance products. Its plants, scents, colors have been transformed into irresistible Durance organic products – for body care, but also for the space in which we live, products that have entered homes around the world with their irresistible scents.

In time, Le Lavandin de Grignan gets the name Durance and under that name sets out to conquer lovers of nature and organic products around the world. Durance products are still made today by traditional production techniques, from plants from Grignan, so only the best, selected ingredients are used in the production. One of Durance’s greatest values ​​is its traditional weft – each product, in addition to delighting you with its texture and effectiveness, will take you back in time and remind you of some dear story, maybe even a person, of some magical, forgotten time. The time Durance managed to stop. In addition, all Durance products have more than 95 percent ingredients of natural origin. They are made without silicone, parabens and phenoxyethanol, and most of them are Eco Cert certified. More importantly, they have not been tested on animals.

Unlike candles or electric diffusers, scented diffusers with sticks do not require any flame, sockets or batteries. Instead, wooden sticks absorb fragrant oils from bottom to top, from where the odor evaporates into the air. They don’t need almost any maintenance, you just have to remember to refill the bottle every couple of months. Scented diffusers from Durance offer you authentic scents of nature that will enrich your favorite space throughout the year. All you have to do is put it in a busy place in the apartment for the scent to work, blend in with the air and movement, and release its magic slowly, gently and decently. Our favorite scents are cotton, poppy, verbena and white camellia.

This magic lamp with the process of catalysis (combustion without flame and smoke) cleans the air in your home, removes unpleasant odors and leaves the space fresh and notes of your favorite scent. An independent laboratory test found six times less bad odors during 30 minutes of use. The most popular Durance fragrances also come in magic lamp perfumes. In addition to them, Durance also offers a collection carefully designed against the smells of cooking, tobacco and pets. Our favorite scents are flax, verbena and orange, cinnamon.

Durance scented cubes with natural wax are the best way to get your favorite scents to disperse quickly and efficiently in your home. Each pack is divided into eight cubes, each of which will disperse the scent over 10 hours, for a total of 80 hours of divine scents with each pack of cubes. The aroma cube melts under the influence of the heat from a lighted candle, the smell that spreads through the room is aromatherapy and evokes some nicer times. The cubes are available in poppy and cotton scents.

With Durance pillow perfume, you can smell your bedding and pillow just before bed to help you fall asleep peacefully and get rid of all the worries that burden you during the day. Their formula is specially designed for use on textiles, so it is safe to use. Our favorite scents are lavender, linden and rice powder.

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