They may be more creative, but messy people take a lot of risks with this lifestyle

Organizing is one of the best examples of how seemingly small things can have a drastic effect on our health. The only question is whether that effect is good or bad. Find out below how organizing space and time can significantly reduce stress and improve many aspects of your health.

Living without stress today is harder than ever, but unfortunately we often unnecessarily worsen our own situation. Overcrowded closets, shelves or worktops and poorly compiled to-do lists are real stress triggers, and the concrete effects on health are huge.

The first and most intense consequence of better organization is the feeling of “falling a stone from the heart”. Whether you’re bothered by things you can’t part with (old clothes, memories in closets, inherited real estate and related expenses) or constantly catch up on day and week backlogs (lack of planning), organizing is the best cure.

Piles of things in the closets and obligations that you do not get to do very often are just an external picture of much more serious problems that cause feelings of nervousness, remorse, and often lead to complete lethargy and depression. Once you introduce a good system of optimal use of your space and time you will feel tremendous relief and you will wonder how you could have endured so long under such stress at all. But you need to know how to recognize your real causes of problems and deal with them. The mental peace you can achieve is worth every minute of your effort.

You don’t need to be a medical professional to understand the link between health and sleep quality. Even if you are among the lucky few who can function with six hours of sleep or less, it is clear that it is not the number of hours of sleep that is crucial but the quality of sleep.

In organizational terms, a person who does not have control over his time and / or lives in a crowded and dysfunctional space can in no way have the conditions for a quality vacation. Caring for children, problems at work or with money are already quite enough for bad sleep, and when the story includes losing things, forgetting and being late, sleep problems can become chronic and very serious for health.

An increasing number of professional organizers point out among their clients those to whom the organization of the closet or the general cleaning of the space has brought extremely positive changes in the regulation of excess weight.

Examples like:

… I cleared my living room and got the will to exercise at home
… I organized my cooking and procurement and started eating healthier
… I have mastered planning and now I go to Pilates regularly
are just some of those that result in the spontaneous introduction of new and healthy habits and thus the loss of extra pounds.

So if your own health is high on your priority list, and it should be, consider whether a lasting cure for your problems is lurking right among your belongings and in your diary. Start treating your home as a refuge rather than a warehouse, master the skill of planning, and start from your own behavior. Very soon you will feel the described positive changes, and thus the will for some new, better things in your life.

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