You can turn any wall in your home into your personal art gallery


We all own our own collections. It all kind of started with one little ceramic bird, and now you have a collection of birds of different sizes, colors and shapes that you’ve collected over the years. What is the right way to display a collection like this? Well, they certainly shouldn’t be scattering them one by one all over the home. No matter what kind of collection it is, it is best to arrange and group them properly. There is one rule for organizing subjects into groups of three. Arrange what you like in groups and present your collection proudly but correctly. Showcases, shelves or chests of drawers can help you with this as places to group your carefully collected valuables.

You can turn any wall in your home into your personal art gallery. Everyone should have some form of artwork in their home – whether it’s a rare oil painting or a drawing of your child from preschool days. The blockage most people encounter is how to properly arrange and hang pictures on the wall. The best way you can protect yourself from mistakes and unwanted nail holes on the wall is to cut out the paper in the shape of a frame. Simply glue these scraps of paper to your wall and try out a number of placement options until you achieve the desired outcome. Have fun with the layout, playing with sizes, colors and textures. Just remember, it is important to play with different frame sizes.


First you need to choose the fabrics you will bring into the room, such as carpets, furniture and curtains because it is easier to find fabrics that you will like, and then choose a wall color that will match the colors of the selected textile. It is much harder to find a fabric that you will like and at the same time match the color you have already applied to your walls. Therefore, keeping in mind the size of the room, first review the patterns of fabrics, carpets, decorative pillows,… Find what you like, and after you are satisfied with your choice, choose the color shade for the wall according to the selected textiles.

A house is being built, but a home is being created. We know that your home is not made of walls or things, but the effort, time and love you have invested in its construction and its decoration. However, sometimes, unfortunately, it is enough

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